How to Add a User to Google Analytics

The purpose of every website is to convert traffic into sales. But how can we track the who, what, where, when and an individual interacts with our content and the user experience on our beautifully created website?

The answer is simple. Google Analytics. Let's talk about how to add a user to Google Analytics.

Adding a User to GA (Scroll to the bottom for a step-by-step video)

As a website owner, you may not be the only one that is accessing the data given by Google Analytics, there are several reasons you may want to give someone access to your Google Analytics account. (If you prefer to watch, there's a 1 minute video at the bottom of this page.)

  1. You are creating a content marketing campaign and want to ensure that you are creating the best content to achieve results

  2. You are measuring the results of the a search engine optimization company in Bethesda, like River Falls Media.

  3. You want a free and easy way to track how a user interacts with your website

  4. You want to learn how people discover your website. Are the social media marketing services that you are using working well?

  5. You are just a plain smart business person and you know the value of user generated and driven data.(Whew... That was a mouthful!)

The Process

Log into Google Analytics using your Google login information:

Click the gear that is labeled “ADMIN” at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

In the section that appears on the left-hand side, click the “Account User Management” button.

On the Account Permissions page that opens, click the blue plus sign in the upper right-hand corner.

A short menu will open. Click “Add new users” at the top.

Add the new person’s email address in the section titled “Add permissions” and select the level of access they need to assist with Google Analytics management. Usually “Edit” level is sufficient. It's entirely up for you to determine.

It is a good idea to check the “Notify new users by email” item so they know they have been given access.

Once complete, click the “ADD” button.

How to Add a User to Google Analytics Video

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