Community Magazines are great for Advertising!

Bringing Communities together!

Advertising in Community Magazines

Our engaging hyper-local magazines will help you create an effective advertising campaign in affluent communities. Our local publishers understand their markets and will show you the benefits of being a long term advertiser are far more rewarding than making an occasional direct response appeal to consumers.

Consistent Audiences

We targeting local homeowners. Our private publications give a sense of community and locality that national papers and massive city magazines cannot. Establishing your presence in Bethesda, Potomac, or Kensington, or one of our other communities will have great benefits for your business not only in terms of customers but also build trust and reputation among consumers.

Business is Local

Our local magazines create a sense of community among local customers. They are credible sources that are trusted in these communities.

We feature neighbors and highlight all the good things happening in their communities. In these environments, ads are not just ads. They are recommendations from a personalized, trusted source.


The perfect complement to your print ad is a geo-targeted digital ad campaign that covers the magazine footprint. We offer discounted pricing to our magazine sponsors and develop targeted digital companions to your print ad, increasing your visibility by being seen in our reader's Google and Facebook feeds. This service is exclusive to sponsors and advertisers in our publications. For more information, schedule an appointment to discuss here.

Mailed Directly to Every Home

Our private, exclusive publications are mailed directly to every home in our target communities. We penetrate the exact markets your business is trying to reach. We don’t deliver stacks of magazines to restaurants or doctor’s offices and hope they are read. Now more than ever, people are home and seeking information other than what they find on television.

Why wait? If advertising in one of our community magazines is for you, call us today. We deliver to the most affluent homes in 7 different Maryland communities. We have hundreds of loyal clients who get continuous engagement with customers in their local areas.

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