Google My Business Questionnaire 

Google My Business Questionnaire

What we need from you:


Primary Business Working Hours (Please check all days including Sat & Sunday if applicable)

Primary Work Days

What are the top 5 cities and/or counties you serve in your local community? (Only entire cities or counties can be added)

List one primary service category and brief description of this service: 

Directions for adding a user to Google Analytics: https://www.riverfallsmedia.com/post/how-to-add-a-user-to-google-analytics

Please upload the following photos to add to your Google My Business Listing: 


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  • A  logo file (Requires a minimum of 250 X 250 pixels in PNG or JPG format)   

  • 3-5 good pictures that give potential clients an impression of your business. (Include headshot of owner a minimum of 250 X 250 pixels in PNG or JPG format)

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